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ASC Election Results (2018-19)· 

We are proud to announce our newly elected Council for the 2018-2019 academic year! Congratulations to the newly confirmed members!


The Executive Board will include
Kyle McFanin, President; 
Aaron Burns, Vice President;
Justin Allegoet, Secretary;
Taylor Chlebowski, Judicial Chair;


addition positions include
Tom Souder, At-Large Liaison;
Josie Nason, Flight Science Liaison;
Joshua Yeates, Maintenance Liaison;
Taylor Wells, Management and Operations Liaison;


Thank you to all of the individuals who participated in the election process and College of Aviation students who voted! We hope to serve you well in the future and look forward to your continued participation as students! If you would like to be apart of the Council, starting next fall we will confirm our Administrative Positions (Treasure and Public Relations/Event Planner) and our Henry Hall Liaison. Other College of Aviation RSOs will also have to opportunity to sending a voting representative on their behalf to ASC meetings. You are also encouraged to attend all of our meetings as students!

We hope everyone, students, staff, faculty and alumni have a wonderful summer! See everyone next fall!


-Your 2017-2018 Executive Board
Aaron Burns, Josie Nason, Justin Allegoet and Casey McIntyre

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